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Value Technologies Pakistan offering best services for web designing & website development across the globe.


Reliable web hosting with 99.9% upptime guarantee. Trust our web hosting company for all your web hosting needs


Registering domain was never that much easy. Our domain registration company offering best price for domain.


Marketing at its best. Trust our SEO professionals of Best SEO Company for all your Search Engine Optimization needs.
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Welcome To  Value Technologies Pakistan

Success always depends on the dedication. Value Technologies Pakistan let you focus on your core business and takes care of your web designing, web hosting, website development, search engine optimization and domain registration. The company offers you the complete web based solutions. It is situated in Karachi, Pakistan. The company has been operating since five years in this industry and is considered as among reputed organizations to approach for web based solutions. In all these years, value technologies Pakistan has managed to bag in the expert hands into the company who are professional and very hardworking. It has all which needed to plan, design, built and market a remarkable website. It was never a piece of cake to start a business at home based level and then make it to leading firms of the industry but the self-confidence of the employees and their working spirit are the true success factors. Our web designing company does not only promise to transform your thinking and ideas into the reality but we are consistence in it. Our services are customized and therefore, your wishes are our preferences. As a leading company we look after to broad array of web based solution and maintains the level of satisfaction with its tremendous efforts. The lists of the services that are offered in this virtual world are as follows.

Web Designing

Value technologies Pakistan has set the benchmark in the market with its value added services and personalized ways. For business to meet its demand it is crucial to incorporate the expectations and the perceived value of customers in the mind. We make you a brand. Web designing is the graphical representation of the website and the loyalty of your customers are at stake when you choose your web design company. When there will be things on the website in an unorganized manner, then no one would be allured towards the site. On the other hand customers drive out from haphazard web pages which have too many stuff in them. For this particular reason, our company has hired expertise and those who are master of this profession. They will create the most eye-catching textures and designs of the site. The website visitors will enjoy visiting your website and feel connection to it in a unique way. The use of latest technologies like HTML5, div tags would be highlights and will all be verified as per w3 standards. On the other hand, with the changing trends when there is a need of adopted strategies Value Technologies Pakistan uses the cascading style sheet by applying latest 3.0 versions. It is the century in which people rarely open their personal computers but check websites on their smart phones, iPhones, iPods and laptops. Value technologies Pakistan carefully construct the websites which are easily viewed on these screens. Either you are using an android phone and an apple invention; our websites will make you happy.

Our clients from across the globe now trust us and have faith in our work. We get contracts from USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Malaysia, and Dubai and japan too.

For any big name to operate in Karachi it is difficult to maintain balance with ever increasing political influence on economy and uncertainties. Strikes, protests, rallies are normal here but Value Technologies Pakistan as web design company in Karachi promises you the quality work and timely delivery in these crises too.

Business as a Web Design Company

The competition between the web design companies is fierce globally and for any firm to gain the competitive edge, it is cumbersome. Value Technologies Pakistan exists to serve people as web Design Company in Pakistan. With world financial crises and economic downturn, the economic growth is anemic especially in Pakistan. In this fashion, it is very hard to struggle but our company has passed the entire test with flying colors. We are running on good buzz of mouth as in all these years we did not just make profit but good relationships with the clients. This web Developmetn company is ranked by Google now on first page when you browse for the web hosting in Pakistan.

Threats and Opportunities for Us

What happen in Pakistan definitely become the news and the business here are facing the biggest dilemma of political instability and poor law and order situations. Investments are lower and economy is in recession too but despite of all the facts our web design company in Pakistan has assembled the best skilled employees who are truly sincere with their work and it shows our worth. Value Technologies Pakistan is also proposing to start its services in other countries too to expand its network in the world. It will furbish us with some new opportunities to turn ourselves into bigger.

Our Roots

The concrete structure of any web development company is heavily based on its quality of work, fulfillment of words, workforce and customer relationships. Our web design company in Karachi has accomplished it all. Value Technologies Pakistan is still growing at breakneck speed to unlock the doors of ultimate excellence.

Website Development

Web development refers to the stones that build up your website. It is a framework in terms of programming. Value Technologies Pakistan is great web Development Company in Pakistan due its offering in PHP. Website development is very crucial as it maintains the strong relationship through communication between the business and their customers. Our company looks for the small details which should be the part of your branding. It is bug free and based on Object oriented programming. It is hard to maintain the level of efficacy when we are doing every procedure on our own instead of using open sources but still we have managed to be efficient.

Problems Faced by a Web Development Company

The area of Karachi has not remained safe at all. With the increased level of robberies, terrorist attacks and target killings people are scared to invest here. The city is on the other hand is loaded with stock exchange fluctuations and strikes too. In spite of this situation Value Technologies has proved itself to be the best web development company in Pakistan. Website development has been made easier by us in terms of 24/7 availability of our representative on phone line and Skype. There is no need for face to face discussions every time when we are there for you. It saves their time in fast moving pace. Our deliveries are on time.

The open source solutions like Joomla, word press and Open cart are rarely used nowadays by folks but we have skilled employees for open sources too like Joomla, Word press, Open cart, OS Commerce, magneto PHP BB etc. Open source is less costly and time consuming.

Classifications of the Services in web development are:

Static website:

These web pages are written using HTML entirely. Each page is a separate document and our team edits every page manually if there is any need of. Its price is dependent on the number of pages.

Dynamic Website

Website development based on ASP and PHP are usually dynamic which gives them greater degree of functionality. They are controlled via Content Management System, and that allows our clients to bring updates to their websites too according to their desire. The cost varies with number of modules because there is consumption of different modules in dynamic webs.

Ecommerce Websites

Here is the tougher job which our workforce is doing and accomplishing perfectly. Website development of e-Commerce is basically a making of online shopping Centre. Value Technologies Pakistan tries to build a website that is flexible sorted in terms of items and well clarified so that the business of clients can flourish. We also facilitate a checkout cart. For E-commerce both open sources and customized solution are offered by our web development.

Evolution as Web Hosting Company

Value Technologies Pakistan never jumps into something unless it can satisfy its clients fully. The emergence of our company as web hosting company in Pakistan was after ensuring the competence of workers and examining the target market. It is the reason why we are supplying the best web hosting today. Web hosting is all about making your client’s website visible to the World Wide Web. Our team is focused on performing at its best level for achieving this target. The bandwidths and renting spaces are excellent and it gave our hundreds of satisfied customers.

The perception of people about web hosting company in Pakistan was different. It was hard to reposition our brand as web hosting company but we successfully did it withal the hard work. Our clients are first preference. We cater their needs in most distinctive ways.

The Packages we Offer for web hosting are:

Economy Web Hosting

It refers to the cost effective web hosting for companies with small size and less traffic

Business Web Hosting

Private and public Pakistan firms with enormous resources and need of email communication use this kind of web hosting.

Video web hosting

Sites which relate video options with them use this service. It is commonly known as FFMPEG web hosting.

VPS Hosting

Value Technologies Pakistan is offering expert hand for virtual private server at good price. Websites get total bandwidth allocated to their services thus it is mostly used by big corporations. We make the feasibility of site at fast speed to the visitors. Our web hosting company in Pakistan is both expert in managed VPS and unmanaged VPS.

Dedicated servers

The offers by our web hosting company in dedicated servers are great. Dedicated servers are mostly suggested for social media web sites.

Domain Registration

The best place to give your product recognition is the portal of value Technologies Pakistan. We present best domain registration service for our clients despite of the great competition faced globally.

In the era of devaluation of Pakistani rupees and ever increasing rates of Dollars, it is getting headache for many firms to register domain at fair prices. Here our domain registration company values your identity and offer cheap prices to you. We cut reasonable profits only from our clients in order to have long term relationship with them. It makes us the leading domain registration company in Pakistan.

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