Web Hosting Packages


  • 1 GB Hosting
  • 10 GB Bandwidth
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • 10 FTP Accounts
  • RS750/-Per Year Without Domain

    RS1,750/-Per Year With Domain*


  • 2 GB Hosting
  • 20 GB Bandwidth
  • 20 Email Accounts
  • 20 FTP Accounts
  • RS1,000/-Per Year Without Domain

    RS2,000/-Per Year With Domain*


  • 4 GB Hosting
  • 40 GB Bandwidth
  • 40 Email Accounts
  • 40 FTP Accounts
  • RS2,000/-Per Year Without Domain

    RS2,800/-Per Year With Domain*


  • 5 GB Hosting
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • 50 Email Accounts
  • 50 FTP Accounts
  • RS3,000/-Per Year Without Domain

    RS3,500/-Per Year With Domain*
Web Designing & Development Packages


RS4,000/= Starting Price
  • JQuery banners slideshow
  • Up to 5 static pages
  • Submission contact form


RS10,000/= Starting Price
  • PHP & MySQL database
  • Unlimited dynamic text pages
  • CMS to manage website


RS25,000/= Starting Price
  • PHP & MySQL database
  • Unlimited text pages, categories & Products
  • Shopping Cart with Paypal Integration

Web Design Company | Web Design Pakistan| Web Development Company

With over 1,000+ satisfied customers and counting, Vtech is the most reliable and professional web design company in Karachi, Pakistan

The best Web Design & Development Company.
Top solutions provider in departmnent of Web Design Pakistan

Success always depends on the dedication. Value Technologies Pakistan let you focus on your core business and takes care of your web designing, web hosting, website development, search engine optimization and domain registration.

The company offers you the complete web based solutions. It is situated in Karachi, Pakistan. Our business brand is in operation since more than six years in web industry and is considered & highlighted among most reputed organizations to approach for web based solutions. In all these several years, value technologies Pakistan has managed to bag in the expert hands into the company who are professional and very hardworking. Our web design company is comprised of all basic ingredients that are needed to plan, design, built and market a remarkable website. All those past years have been a great learning curve though it was never a piece of cake to start a business at home based level and then make it to leading firms of web designing industry but true dedication, high spirits and best use of intelligence are the most common and basic factors to help company grow and emerge on a world map as a true leading Web Development Company.

Our main objective has always been to get basic idea from customers and to nurture an idea into reality. Our services are customized and therefore, your wishes are our preferences. As a leading brand in Web Designing & Web Hosting we look after to broad array of website development & web hosting solution and maintains the level of satisfaction with its tremendous efforts. The lists of the services that we are offering are as follows.

  • Web Designing & Development
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Data Entry
  • SSL Certificates Provider
Web Design Company Web Design Company

Web Designing

Value technologies Pakistan has set the benchmark in the market with its value added services and personalized ways. For a business or brand to meet its demand it is crucial to incorporate the expectations and the perceived value of customers in the mind.

“Vtech will always help you to become a brand”

Web designing is the graphical representation of the website and the loyalty of your customers are at stake when you choose your web design company. When there will be things on the website in an unorganized manner, then no one would be lured towards it. On the other hand customers drive out from haphazard web pages which have too many stuff in them. For this particular reason, our web design company has hired expertise and those who are master of this profession some key positions are listed below,

  • Professional Web Designers
  • Website Developers (That must possess complete knowledge of PHP and OOP)
  • SEO leads
  • Data Entry Operators
  • Marketing Team

With bunch and mix of youth and experience in related fields with an eye on them from our management staff thus helps them to create the most eye-catching textures and designs of the website. The website visitors will enjoy visiting your website and feel connection to it in a unique way.

Responsive Web Design are now the basic instinct for any website

The use of latest technologies like HTML5, div tags and most importantly responsive designs would be highlights and will all be verified as per w3 standards and also in accordance with Google webmaster. On the other hand, with the changing trends when there is a need of adopted strategies Value Technologies Pakistan uses the cascading style sheet by applying latest 3.0 versions. It is the century in which people rarely open their personal computers but check websites on their smart phones, iPhones, iPods and laptops. Value technologies Pakistan carefully constructs responsive websites which are easily viewed on these screens. Either you are using an android phone and an apple invention; our designed websites will make you feel happy.

Our clients from across the globe now trust us and have faith in our work. We have a long clientele all around the globe from USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Malaysia, Pakistan, Dubai and Japan too. For any web design company in Karachi it is difficult to maintain balance with ever increasing political influence on economy and uncertainties. Strikes, protests, rallies are normal here but Value Technologies Pakistan being a professional web design company promises and delivers you the quality & timely work in these crises & circumstances too.

Web designing is essential for all business, find yourself a good web development company that can only relax and satisfy you so that your business can be promoted in right direction. A simple website always possess logo, animations, contact information, company profile and other important related matters of business group.  Web designing is essential for all marketing collateral, make sure as a web designing company keeps in mind the customer requirements you are trying to reach and process it in such a way that goal should be accomplished.

Web designing is a part of every company’s marketing plan

An art of making most desirable and organized website through addition of many different skills and characteristics is recognized as web designing. These skills may cover graphic designing, internet marketer, web content, copy writer, different software and most important search engine optimization. In short we can say that without web designing we cannot able to make a magnificent website.

Elaborating more about web design companies of Karachi that serves impressive web designing to people interested in website development. Web designing is mandatory for pulling down the attraction of new customers towards a website for any business success.  In order to expand your business in a powerful way, developing a web address for particular employment is more supportive.

Web design companies are present all over Pakistan to serve people according to their need. A responsibility of a web design company is to deliver a best website to their customers. More over their job is to satisfy their customers or buyers that the web design company they preferred doing great work with experienced workers.

The most effective element of website development is design. Web Designing comprises adding accurate images about your product, adding attractive color scheme with an attractive text fonts that reveals correct and short documentation of your business or product. For the development of some attractive and effectual designs, one should appoint a professional web designer. Below are some benefits of web designs are:

  • The most important things in web designing are trade mark and graphics. It includes texts, images, logos, particular banners and important characteristics of the company.
  • Web layout is an important part of designing and it presents the layout of web pages.
  • Fonts are one of the most important additions in making a website attractive.
  • People will go through the entire project if they like your work.
  • Last but not the least SEO, search engine optimization is the great tool to make your website noticeable.

In short, a web design company and their efforts in web designing & development play an important role in opening and promoting your business online. After making of a best and unique website outlook i.e. exclusive web design and error free website development, businessman can run and can able to stand in front of other big companies of businesses. This total work will able to give you a big and effective profit and popularity of your business site.

Vtech is one of the famous web design company in Pakistan that is also representing web hosting in Pakistan around the globe. Vtech is a web design company in Karachi also offer services in Lahore, Islamabad & round the globe. We are dealing with thousands of clients and providing them advantageous web domains.

As we know Karachi is also known as mini Pakistan so the business ratio of a web design company in Karachi is increasing day by day and the web designers are playing a major role in the success of business.

Web Design Company

Web designing always remain an obsession and passion for the owners of Value Technologies Pakistan, while creating a web design company the only goal that was set in mind is to offer complete web based solution according to customer requirements. To honor all requirements has never been easy, it does requires complete knowledge, skills and roots in the field of web designing and website development should be strong. Talent with experience has always remain the main component and feature for any successful web design company. To grow company, maintain quality level and love for passion does require true leading qualities as these are the essentials for any web design company providing quality services and to become a top brand. As luck always favors the fortunes, customers from the start trusted our web design company and in return they did get best result which truly met their requirements, that is why in the spam of just seven to eight years our web design company have been able to accomplish sales target. In this short spam we have been able to create, design & developed for more than five thousand websites which is somewhat at start was just an imagination. Being a web design company, Vtech not only able to accomplish its sales target but has also maintain their quality level in order to surpass customer requirements.

For a web design company looking to accomplish goals and satisfy customers it is essential that it should have complete knowledge on how to develop best website?

At first, complete information should be received from customers regarding website that they want to be created. After getting complete knowledge database should be created it is also important that normalization in database should remain intact. After that design should be created according to customer’s requirement and then complete development of website should commence.

For a web design company it is essential not only for itself but for its customers and other companies related to same business or looking for it to inform of special offers, new products/services, new timings, new locations, new sales etc. Being a web design company utilizing website to a greater and cost effective means of advertising, thus gives customer opportunity to pull them in. For any Web Design Company it is essential that for web designing & website development they must have expertise in PHP, ASP, JQuery, AJAX, WordPress, Joomla and other open sources.

Looking for Responsive Website, than Vtech should be your choice as web design company

Most commonly website designs are on resolution of 1024 but in today’s modern era Responsive websites are a trend as estimated, currently 45% out of 100% users are using smartphones or tablets for browsing, to ensure best view responsive website have become need of today modern world. Most customers usually have their own opinions regarding it, but for us being a top leading web Design Company it is essential that we guide our customers in good path so their faith and trust always remain inevitable. For any business group or brand whether its web design company itself or website design for any business layout structure is essential as first impression has to be very effective and catches every customer eye, basic is to ensure that business brand or group main services and contact details should be highlighted, best way to highlight services or products is a use of neat, clean and best usage of colors and high graphics in images, hence usage of graphics is pivotal so that image in a way reflects all services and products, it should also be kept in mind that image size doesn’t get too heavy so that website can remain fast and interactive at same time. Key essential that every web design company should use to capture market and customer attention by highlighting exclusive and intelligent offers on website like free delivery or free installation etc.

Value Technologies Pakistan is one of the largest and best web design company present today. As a web development company we have expertise on following

  • PHP
  • ASP
  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • PHP BB
  • OpenCart and all other open sources.

Customer satisfaction has always remain priority for us, to implement customers ideas into a web based format is an art and our professional web designers have mastered in it. After many appreciable efforts positive feedback from customers is a thing that gives mental satisfaction and good feeling that cannot be expressed in words, thus after receiving such beautiful compliments regularly we can arguably say that Value Technologies Pakistan is a leading web design company in Karachi not only Karachi but we are the leading and best web design company in Pakistan. Getting your website done from our web Design Company means everything under control, because reliability and working with responsibility is our essential asset. Being a top & leading web design company, we feel more responsibility on our shoulders, thus our web design company always strive to give professional look to our customers business websites as we think to be and remain a brand in web designing & development it is essential for us to accomplish our customers’ requirements and to be able to represent business whether its services or products in such a graphical user interface that can be learn and like by all common persons whether computer literate or not visiting sites for that user friendly environment is also a key.

Delivery on time has always remain a valuable asset for us. Value Technologies Pakistan is working as web Design Company from past six years, our basic motto has always been to compromise on quantity but never compromise on quality of product as we can imagine from the resources and hard work one is earning, therefore it is essential for us that we provide quality work in web designing & development as we believe quality which matters the most for any web design company to progress further and to touch new heights.

In this amazing and never ending, neither limited field of website development we pride ourselves for providing outrageous yet simple, most-wanted, modern and most effective web designing and website development solutions for small and large business ventures & group of companies. To be honored as top web design company it is our primary job and responsibility that we put so much dedication on our customer projects so that our clients can easily focus on their primary business expansion and new marketing ideas, whilst we take care of most of the technical aspects.

We are in this business for quite some time now and our cost effective web designing solutions has impressed many over the years. As a web design company in Pakistan we have a big corporate clientele in Pakistan and abroad. To be able to capture market of Pakistan with a boom and make a place in international market, for a web design company in Pakistan was realistically very hard and required enormous energy and dedication to become a leading brand in web designing solutions not only in Pakistan but around the world map as well.

Value Technologies Pakistan emerges as a best and most reputed web design company for all networks over the years. Being a professional web design company our expertise and core dedication in this field can only be measured after looking at our portfolio. We have been able to accept, implement and complete more than 5000 projects since the start of our company, Timely delivery and perfection are our keys to be able to make clients happy & satisfied. Website Development comes as a major part to us as it has been our main primary focus and we feel honored and pleased to be able to recognized as a top web design company providing website development in PHP and also in all other open sources like Joomla, WordPress, Zen Cart, Cake PHP and others.

Web Design Company Karachi

Vtech the most reliable and top rated web design company Karachi !!!

In the epoch of technology, everything is growing online. Even traditional businesses are becoming E-commerce. Each job and entrepreneur has some terms and condition and one is sustaining its own unique web site. Web design Pakistan is becoming really famous in the last few years. Web designing in Karachi is becoming a standard for business nowadays. Karachi is one of the urban center of Pakistan, which is considered best for business growth.

A web design company having good experience in web designing will be more preferable as compared to less in experience. So many developers are interested in working with web designing in Karachi. International customers always prefer Pakistan because of many causes. Two of them are mentioned as below:

  • Excellence work
  • Reasonable Price

International as well as local companies’ always prefers quality work. This is the most significant feature considered for companies instead of cost. Companies want a quality work which they avail of web designing in Karachi. If customer wants that its business grow day and night, then must focus on marketing. In IT web designing is the best for marketing your product not solely for specific area but for whole internet world. Web designing in Karachi is becoming famous because of its expertise and creating trust in its clients.

Many web design company Karachi are working and creating a significant place as easily. But bad luck, is that all these companies are not up to the mark. Clients always want a quality work from their trustworthy companies. Only few web design companies in Karachi are fulfilling their desires and can understand what they actually want? Vtech is a one of those trustworthy web design company Karachi, who not only provide a quality work, but on the other side quality services and at affordable prices.

Our web design company Karachi named as Vtech has turned out to be an expert and accomplished in web designing over the years. Our web design company related to the appropriate results after analyzing your needs! We’ve been focused on web designing solutions and web services. Our team combines skills, capability, passion and creative ideas, supported by long-term IT engineering awareness. We build ideas and show on a website that not only show it works and bring value today and tomorrow.

Value Technologies Pakistan is a Karachi based web Design Company and has offered variety of services in web designing & development & web hosting to great citizens of Karachi. Value Technologies Pakistan is the largest web design company Karachi, we have breached more than thousands of satisfied clients situated in Karachi, Pakistan. Web services that we provide to citizens of Karachi and in response feedback that we receive from our clients, thus in the light of it we can proudly say that Value Technologies Pakistan is the largest growing phenomena in the industry of web designing, being a professional web design company Karachi our team of intellectual geniuses has delivered their goods in the field of web designing & development that is why we are renown as the best web design company Karachi currently. From last several years the dedication and spirited efforts of all members working wholeheartedly at Value Technologies Pakistan have won the hearts of billions. It was never easy for Value Technologies Pakistan to become landmark in web designing and to be the leaders in all web design companies that exist in Karachi. With our self believe and dedication towards our work we have been able to accomplish our goal and have set new targets for all web design companies and now one of the largest web design company in Karachi.

Vtech never compromise on its Quality and value work. Our highly experienced in web designing and development. We marked as a top 5 companies in web Design Company Karachi. We not only serve you even we love to see your idea and will prefer those and will work with that perspective. We prefer to provide the assigned work within the specified deadline. Due to which not only local foreign providers can easily depend on the Pakistani experts and on their expertise.

Vtech is a web design company in Pakistan, which has many professional web developers. That’s why, we always throw a positive solution to their clients. Vtech works in PHP language that is the most dominant language in web designing and possessing expertise in OOP and Normalization in the database. Then the customer holds no worries for redundancy and reusability issues. All work will be done by expert web developers. No worries, just grow!

Web Design Company in Karachi

Looking For Web Design Company in Karachi, Vtech is the best place to be in

In the era of technology, web designing is getting more popular with the passage of time. Web designing & website development is a skill of different disciplines for making and maintaining of these websites. Karachi is now becoming more prevalent for businesses. A skillful web design growths customers’ interests and its increasingly important for e-commerce for information representation to the guests. Web designing is becoming standard in Karachi today. Every new company demand for its own website and to be getting international through this platform. There are so many web design companies working in Karachi. Today people are more profound to recognize who is the best web design company in Karachi.

A company having good experience in web designing will be more preferable as compared to less in experience. So many international agencies & top brands are interested in working with web Design Companies in Karachi. International customers always prefer Pakistan because of many reasons. Two of them are mentioned as under:

  • Quality work
  • Affordable Price

International as well as local companies’ needs quality work. This is the most significant factor considered for companies instead of cost. Companies want a quality work which they avail from web design company in Karachi.

A bunch of web design companies are reported in Pakistan. Not only local as well as foreign companies prefer to have web designing & website development from Pakistan, because of their promising act and quality work. In most certain cases leading brands prefer experience companies instead of companies working in cheap price, because website is the main global appearance of any business and in such delicate matters top brands cannot compromise. As famous “Old is Gold.

There are a lot of web design companies assimilated in Karachi, if we talk about quality and trustworthy work we take a glance on Vtech working as a web design company in Karachi. Value Technologies Pakistan is a registered company that is one of the best web design companies in Karachi. When it comes to get the services regarding web designing in Karachi, then we are the reliable name for that. We are recognized for our professional team work and our services that we provide in an appropriate way.

We are one of the best and reliable companies among other companies those are in the queue of offshore outsourcing web Design Company in Karachi, Pakistan. Most of our clients are from U.S.A and other foreign countries. Hence, we are extending our web design & web hosting services and now start getting orders from all over the world. Being a web design company in Karachi, we understand that our struggles and work is commented by an international viewers as well. We are working to form business groupings and customer connections with different people in different states.

Here, at our web design company in Karachi, you can get quality services, as our main concern is to provide quality to our customers. We don’t want to earn more profit, but to provide satisfactory results to our customers. Our professional services include web designing, website development, web hosting, domain registration and search engine optimization. In addition, we deal as an offshore web development & web hosting.

We have expertise in web design & website development currently customers focus is more on responsive designs, our company web designers have great command over bootstrap, html5 and CSS 3.0 to provide significant and satisfactory culmination to customers. Now, with passage of time website development has also taken different shape with the introduction of CMS websites and ecommerce website development. We not only focus on making websites, but also the concept of preparing and maintaining websites. Every client receives its own demands and we understand and wield this in safe shape. If you post an order here, just be certain you are in the good hands. Our web design company VTech has turned out to be an expert and accomplished in web designing over the years. Moreover, from Vtech customer can have secure & trustworthy i.e. 100% uptime web hosting along with database management system.

Our web design company related to the appropriate results after analyzing your needs!

If you truly require a quality website, then give a fortune to our company to understand your needs and requisites and to make them fulfill in a proper manner. Our company will provide solutions on time with all its demand. Vtech resulting a cost effective integrated B2B/B2C competitive solution.

Being a web design company in Karachi it was never easy to be market leaders after all thousands of web designing companies are working at Karachi and providing great and exclusive services, to emerge from all of them and become leaders of all web design companies in Karachi is an achievement itself. Having team possessing capabilities of intelligence, dedication towards work and fulfillment of commitment we are the largest growing web design company in Karachi now. Emergence in very short time frame shows Value Technologies Pakistan true class, spirit and dedication to meet the levels of expectation of our clients. Among all most highly rated and well governed web design company in Karachi, we have been able to emerge and make place in the heart of people by our most loving and caring attitude towards our customers. It wouldn’t have been possible to be in a limelight always unless true support and appreciation was provided to us by loving people of Karachi. We have nurtured our capabilities of web designing skills and to mold them, utilize them in a positive manner does show the positive and courageous attitude of valued staff members of Value Technologies Pakistan, which is now knows as the biggest web Design Company in Karachi. Also current researches revealed that we are the most famous and acknowledged web Design Company in Karachi.

Our web design company in Karachi standing as a milestone in IT field. Our focus and running is not enveloped in some traditional work, we can see from your perspectives as well. We are always in searching of serving you in superlative feasible ways. We understand the fact that each customer is unique and comes up with unique requirements. That’s why we do our work very closely to our customer so that our customers can get satisfaction. You will always find our best customer support. This is our one best quality that makes us in high ranking among all other offshore web design company in Karachi as well as all over in Pakistan.

You will get a number of benefits by being a customer of our web design company in Karachi. Our professional team can boost up to your company within a few weeks. So, don’t lose an amazing chance to upgrade your business by getting our amazing services. Feel free to contact and order us!

Web Design Company in Pakistan

Population of world is increasing rapidly and so is different businesses are expanding same goes with all web design companies in Pakistan, being a web design company in Pakistan business was never easy specially because change in trends in market and circulated reports of violence and not very good environment for business in Pakistan but after all, Value Technologies Pakistan has managed to emerge on globe as the most top rated web design company in Pakistan and web development company in Pakistan, as we have the sense prevails that design is the basic and core instinct for any customer. To be able to provide quality in design and accomplish set targets in very tight frame, we have been able to not only deliver projects on time but have always tried to raise the bar of our work.

At our web design company in Pakistan we use the latest web designing and website development technology joined with wealthy, creative and SEO friendly domains and 100% uptime running server of our web hosting company in Pakistan fundamentals to put your trade in a good beam. Whether you are looking to bring up to date a present appearance or generate a new web design for your trade, the designers at our web design company in Pakistan will assist your production polish. Our Web Design Company in Pakistan, this is where a normal human ideas gets life and become evident we have been able to accomplish Web designing, web development and web hosting goals in Pakistan. Our web design company in Pakistan possess all the expertise in providing Website Designing for little, growing and standard industry. We assess the requirements of each firm to generate a successful web design that will bring in all services and products.

Business as a

Web Design Pakistan

In the eon of technology, everything is getting changed in the online system. Even traditional businesses are getting E-commerce. Every type of business either its big or small business need its own website. In Pakistan Web design Pakistan is becoming a standard of business. This trend of web design Pakistan is getting famous day by day. In the last few days web designing is properly being mentioned in terms and conditions of the company. Pakistan is famous for creating website designing for different companies in different perspectives.

Websites are of so many types nowadays some are as under:

  • Online Business websites
  • Showbiz Sites
  • Religious Sites
  • Informative Sites
  • Health & Fitness sites and many more

Many companies are working for web designing but the experience counts. Each company is not as experienced to deliver quality work. But web designing in Pakistan is based on experienced and quality work. Customers always prefer experienced companies that why Pakistan is being considered for high quality work. Companies always want to develop in their domain as soon as possible and it’s only been possible by marketing well that is preference has more tilted towards web design Pakistan. Website designing is also considered as marketing factor in IT arena.

Web designing in Pakistan is being by companies and these companies have focus some factors for achieving high rank in SEO. When companies developing any website, there are four important factors to consider before they start web designing. These factors are accessibility, content, color and layout. Once you have these key factors defined, then you are ready to jump into the design stage. The try to create ideas that should be not time-consuming and working to a budget. Experienced web developers always maintain these factors to deliver their quality work that’s a specialty for all looking towards web design Pakistan.

Our web design company in Pakistan named as Vtech has turned out to be an experienced and longstanding in web designing over the years. Our web design company in Pakistan related to the appropriate results after analyzing your needs! We’ve been focused on web designing solutions and web services. Our team combines skills, capability, passion and creative ideas and many more things to create outstanding website. We build ideas and show on a website that not only show it works and bring value today and tomorrow.

The competition between the web design companies is fierce globally and for any firm to gain the competitive edge, it is cumbersome. Value Technologies Pakistan, exists to serve people as web Design Company in Pakistan. With world financial crises and economic downturn, the economic growth is anemic especially in Pakistan. In this fashion, it is very hard to struggle but our company has passed the entire test with flying colors. We are running on good buzz of mouth as in all these years we did not just make profit but good relationships with the clients.

Vtech is termed as one of the founders of website design and development in Pakistan. Our Web design company has delivered cutting edge website improvements to hundreds of local and international patrons. Being one of the market leaders in web development and practical support, is focusing on producing business worth and elevation for patrons internationally and locally. Our goal is fulfilling patron needs, our assurance and providing best solutions to their problems are our fore most primacies.

Many materials and analyses have shown that Pakistan has at present become a renowned nation in terms of Website designing and development services. Many overseas countries like to accomplish their work from Pakistani companies. The reason being, Pakistan is a developing country and employment rate here is quite cheap. Therefore, Web Design Company in Pakistan gives them more profit in addition to quality work.

Threats and Opportunities for

Web Design Company

What happen in Pakistan or around the globe definitely become the news and the businesses currently are facing the biggest dilemma of political instability and poor law and order situations. Investments are lower and economy is in recession too but despite of all the facts our web design company in Pakistan has assembled the best skilled employees who are truly sincere with their work and it shows our worth. Value Technologies Pakistan are also serving other countries customers with expansion in their network. It will furnish us with some new opportunities to turn ourselves into bigger.

Roots for any

web design company

The concrete structure of any web development company is heavily based on its quality of work, fulfillment of words, workforce and customer relationships. Our web design company in Karachi has accomplished it all. Value Technologies Pakistan is still growing at breakneck speed to unlock the doors of ultimate excellence.

Website Development

WEB DESIGN is basically a customer facing part of the websites. It is run by web designers and they have to do concern with:

  • How the websites look?
  • What is an attractive part the website?
  • What is the basic theme or purpose of the website?

WEB DEVELOPMENTS is related programming that is done over backend or frontend of website, communication on pages etc.

Website development refers to the stones that build up your website. It is a framework in terms of programming. Value Technologies Pakistan is an ideal web Development Company in Pakistan due to its offering and expertise in PHP. Website development is very crucial as it maintains the strong relationship through communication between the business and their customers. Our web development company always strive to look for the tiny details which should be the part of your branding. To be honored as most reputable web Development Company it is therefore a necessity for us to provide customers bug free code and it should be using Object oriented programming means detailed use of methods, class and procedures. It is hard to maintain the level of efficacy when we are doing every procedure on our own instead of using open sources but still we have managed to be efficient.

Web Development Company

Website development has been an art and will always remain an art. As it is correctly said that,

Programmers are born not made

Programming is a skill that can be taught but to be an expert in it requires self believe, dedication and mindset to be a programmer.

For proper and appropriate services you call for a perfect website which can counter your all essential problems you may face running a website. Our web development company has extremely specialized and dedicated academics who are in the business of website development from several years.

Being a web development company we assure to provides best services to our clients with in a given time frame. Services of web designing and website development bestow by our web development company are not costly and are also so much reasonable that you can order any type of website including static websites, dynamic websites, E-commerce websites, word press websites, classified websites, Urdu websites, portal websites, open cart websites etc. Price range do vary dependent on the needs of customer.

Our web development company also dispense website development on all free CMS that are built on PHP. The intellectuals are highly enhances in ASP, PHP, JOOMLA, WORDPRESS and also all other open sources. It is now documented internationally for its sky-scraping expert values and excellence of work. All it needs is a common sense for the creativity of such excellent ideas and it provides you all these requirements.

Web development was earlier done mostly on ASP and afterwards ASP.net. With PHP introducing itself in web development market and this particular language came as a storm and has captured market and all users attention because of it good syntax and to be able to perform well on Linux based servers. PHP is much more secure than any other languages that are used for web development. With introduction OOP it has gain more popularity. Object oriented programming (OOP) is a type of programming on which a program is dependent on three major things

  • Methods
  • Procedures
  • Classes

Therefore, after the introduction of PHP web development has more become an art. For any web development company requirement of good web developers is essential, as the base of any web development company to be able to build good repo in market professional web developers are key.

Value Technologies Pakistan, being a web development company feels that luck was on their way when they started as a web development company. From the beginning our web development company has been able to have the resources of best web developers who have complete knowledge and control over their programming. As web development has always remain a subject that cannot be taught completely, good web developers always maintain and says that,

website development is like an ocean that no one knows how much deep it is

Programming has no limits, nor limitations and neither any end point. Being a web development company, the only goal in our mind was to become market leaders in field of website development, therefore it was never any confusions in our mind that Value Technologies Pakistan, being the top rated web development company wants and will hire educated and most professional web developers so that our customers can have complete solutions regarding website development from our web development company.

A top web development company will not only ensure that the program provided is bug and error free but will also ensure other important related matters that are as follows

  • Website development should be done in a way that it should be SEO friendly, means for administrators in website they must be able to add, page title, Meta keywords and Meta description themselves using CMS. Heading tags like h1, h2, h3 etc. can also be used as well as there must be an option to for image and link titles and images attributes also.
  • Code of website should be clean so that if customer wants any other programmer to work on same website than the other web developer can easily understand the code and do necessary changes.
  • Code written should be error free there must not be any 404 errors and if a website is redesign than proper 301 redirects should be configured.
  • Security is always an issue, md5 should always be used for passwords.
  • Whenever “GET” method is applied it should be in a proper method so that websites cannot be hacked using RFI methods.

Fortunately, Value Technologies Pakistan being a web development company possesses skilled programmers from the beginning that is why quality of website development has always been ensured by our web development company.



Website Development can be done on different languages. PHP is one of the most famous and active programming technique that is commonly used by most Web Development Companies. Being a web development company Vtech also focused on providing website development solutions over PHP.

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) can be done on PHP. Mostly web development companies are preferring PHP because of its clear and easy syntax and also it is supported by Linux based servers. OOP is referred to programming methodology which are based on the combination of data structures called objects. PHP is an open source general purpose scripting language which is mainly used in Website development. Its basic feature is that this core programming language can also be embedded with HTML that is why most web development companies are inclined towards PHP rather than other programming languages.

PHP has HTML with the embedded codes i.e. to start writing php we use (<?php) and to end it we use (?>) these are called parenthesis which are enclosed in the start and the end processing instructions and inside parenthesis code of php is written which make it easier to jump into and out of the PHP modes. PHP has great advantage that the codes are executed on the server and designed environment sent to the clients. With that clients are unable to know about the underlying codes and it will display html in view source.

Outsource Web Design

Website development projects are the most popular outsourced projects now in Pakistan. Developing a website is considered as the essential factor for the expansion of the business. Recruiting the right person for the intended job is the biggest challenge faced by the website owners. When encounter this issue, the businesses have to make a decision of choosing a Web development company for the job or an individual. Established entities prefer the professional and experience set of workers and that can only be provided by a top professional web development company.

Experienced firms charge you more than the free lancers but they supply you with the most updated technological tools and experts. Web developers here are specialized in many languages like PHP, HTML, CSS, and Dreamweaver, SQL etc. through which you can get the better and customized options for the websites. Search engines give weightage to those websites only that are distinctive and are based on the latest equipped tactics. Once you forget to incorporate any algorithm notification and then all your hard work is gone.

A Web Development Company also takes short time to complete the project as compare to individual ones. More people are there to finish the job. These professional web developers do not do website development alone but they offer many packages along like social media marketing, web content management, web hosting, maintenance of website, web designing etc. There could be some conflicts over the ideas of your own and the one provided by these firms to you, but with discussion the problem can be sorted out. Web development companies are definitely better than the freelancers if you are looking for an outsource web design intent.

Problems Faced by

Web Development Company

The area of Karachi has not remained safe at all. With the increased level of robberies, terrorist attacks and target killings people are scared to invest here. The city is on the other hand is loaded with stock exchange fluctuations and strikes too. In spite of this situation Value Technologies Pakistan has proved itself to be the best web development company in Pakistan. Website development has been made easier by us in terms of 24/7 availability of our representative on phone line and Skype. There is no need for face to face discussions every time when we are there for you. It saves their time in fast moving pace. Our deliveries are on time.

The open source solutions like Joomla, word press and Open cart are rarely used nowadays by folks but we have skilled employees for open sources too like Joomla, Word press, Open cart, OS Commerce, magneto PHP BB etc. Open source is less costly and time consuming.

Classifications of the Services in web development are:

Static website

These web pages are written using HTML entirely. Each page is a separate document and our team edits every page manually if there is any need of. Its price is dependent on the number of pages.

Dynamic Website

Website development based on ASP and PHP are usually dynamic which gives them greater degree of functionality. They are controlled via Content Management System, and that allows our clients to bring updates to their websites too according to their desire. The cost varies with number of modules because there is consumption of different modules in dynamic webs, if you are looking for php software development company, Value Technologies Pakistan can prove to be your best choice.

Ecommerce Websites

Here is the tougher job which our workforce is doing and accomplishing perfectly, ecommerce solution is basically a making of online shopping Centre. Value Technologies Pakistan tries to build a website that is flexible sorted in terms of items and well clarified so that the business of clients can flourish. We also facilitate a checkout cart. For ecommerce solution both open sources and customized solution are offered by our ecommerce website developers. Also, if you are looking for e commerce web hosting or ecommerce designer, Vtech is best choice for you.

Web Hosting Company

Your site visitor uses your domain name to visit your site. From inside, this process actually happens like this, when a visitor enters your domain name into a browser. That domain name is then translated into IP address of your server. After that, the server sends your website files to that visitor. These files are represented on website as content pages.
Now there are three major things you have to need for a website.

  • Domain Name
  • Web-Hosting Service
  • Web-files

To add up knowledge about WEB HOSTING. Web hosting is actually like a place where you can residue your web sites files (web pages). Without web hosting you can’t have a website.
Let us elaborate it like this, without having web hosting for your site is like a disconnected phone number, which has no use.

Web Hosting has always remain an integral source for completion of successful websites, by taking web hosting from our web hosting company things will only improve for your company customers, staff and other related to your company in any form, we can guarantee you that your business graph in market can breach new levels and touch top of skies. As in modern world, search engine optimization has become an integral part of any website so web hosting is also directly linked to it as well, yes you read it right most people don’t know that but this is the scenario after tight policy of search engines over 404 errors. Purchasing web hosting from any web hosting company that does not have powerful servers and there downtime ratio is also high will only lead businesses to downfall as google & other search engines certainly penalizes sites that have large number of server errors that can also be viewed from one of the best SEO tools that are google webmasters.  Selecting, Value Technologies Pakistan as your premier web hosting company will only lead you to better results in search engines as well as sales will also get increased. Slow servers usually takes enormous time to respond due to it websites gets slower and most customers close website before they even get open, thus it increased bounce rate and drop in ranking of website on google is at your door. Advantages for our customers when opting for web hosting from our web hosting company are huge some of them are listed below,

  • Cheap Web Hosting – Rates of Value Technologies Pakistan are very economical, we are currently provided rock bottom rates in web hosting.
  • 99.99 % uptime – With guarantee of 99.99% uptime on servers things are under control as customers will never face downtime in web hosting.
  • Web Hosting in Pakistan – As people in Pakistan sometimes opt for international companies for their web hosting needs. Thus problem of language mostly occurs, our support staff provides support in Urdu and in English as well. Value Technologies Pakistan should be your priority if you are looking for Web Hosting Company in Pakistan.

We are offering web hosting over Linux based servers, most of them are located in US or UK all of them are well equipped and secured, latest CentOS version are used and Softaculous is also provided by our web hosting company. There are many web hosting companies that are offering web hosting also in very cheap rates but most significant feature of our web hosting support staff is that they provide complete support over Skype and also by using software like team viewer. Web hosting companies usually does not allow their support staff to provide support at this level, our basic aim is that customers always remain happy from our web hosting services as we feel that in even todays modern world “word of mouth” is the best way of marketing. Our web hosting company has now many dedicated servers and providing all sorts of web hosting from normal budget hosting to business web hosting, even we are now providing VPS solution and are currently rated best among providers of dedicated servers in Pakistan. For a web hosting company to flourish in market and make it presence felt, web hosting at cheap rates and uptime guarantee is necessary and for that our web hosting company guarantees. If you are looking for your web hosting solutions, Value Technologies Pakistan is the right choice as your web hosting company.

If anyone wants to enter in the web world business that company must have to get a good acknowledgement of the related terminologies that are used in this field. This is necessary because without knowing the terms a company can’t survive longer in such field. For a successful future in this web world, users must have to make a proper concentration when choosing a web hosting plan

With the progressing in technology field, several types of web hosting have been introduced to meet the different requirements of customers and websites.
There are THREE types of web hosting:

  • Shared web hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
Evolution as

Web Hosting Company in Pakistan

Value Technologies Pakistan never jumps into something unless it can satisfy its clients fully. The emergence of our company as web hosting company in Pakistan was after ensuring the competence of workers and examining the target market. It is the reason why we are supplying the best web hosting today and recognize as leaders among all web hosting companies in Pakistan. Web hosting is all about making your client’s website visible to the World Wide Web. Our team is focused on performing at its best level for achieving this target. The bandwidths and renting spaces are excellent and it gave our hundreds of satisfied customers.

The perception of people about web hosting company in Pakistan was different. It was hard to reposition our brand as web hosting company but we successfully did it with all the hard work. Our clients are first preference. We cater their needs in most distinctive ways.