cPanelcPanel has been the most reliable, intuitive control panel since 1997. Almost all web hosting companies that provides web hosting over linux based servers preferred cPanel. Customers that have hosting accounts hosted on our web hosting company servers also been facilitated by cPanel. Below we will will discuss how to create email accounts in cPanel and setting upĀ email forwarders.

Create Email account in cPanel

  • Login to cPanel
  • In email section click on Email Accounts.
  • In add email account section type your email address
  • Below that type password
  • More strong password can be generated by using Password Generator button
  • After clicking password generator a popup will open with a strong password. You can use Ctrl + C to copy it and click Use Password
  • After that click create account and you will be notified that Account Created
  • To test it in account created window at right side MORE option will be displayed on hovering it Access Webmail option will be displayed
  • By clicking access webmail three options will be provided, you can choose anyone but because user friendly layout Roundcube is more preferred.
  • Selecting roundcube as option, it will navigate to roundcube where emails can be sent and receive as well.

Setting up Email Forwarders

  • Go back to cPanel Email options and click Forwarders.
  • An add forwarder button will be displayed click on it.
  • In address to forward type email address which emails you want to forward on any other email account.
  • In forward to email address textbox write email address on which you want your email of above address to be forwarded.
  • Click add forwarder button and you will be navigate to a window where email account forwarder will be displayed

Hope creating email accounts and forwarders will be very easy after this blog post. Also if you want to setup your email accounts on outlook you can view our previous web blog. Please keep sharing our blogs.